Bespoke Leaded Glass to order

unique leaded glass for your front door

Making leaded glass they way I do means that our double glazed units for front doors are toughened safety glass, unlike traditional stained glass. It also means that we can make them 14mm thick – any thicker and they won’t fit in a standard sized door.

After making thousands of leaded lights this way we are now offering our bespoke, unique and authentic leaded glass made to order for your front door. This means we can make leaded double glazed units for you whether you live in London or Leeds, Chiswick or Chorlton.

Premium Bespoke front door and leaded glass

Bespoke leaded glass

Everything we make is unique, bespoke, a one-off just for each customer.

I design your leaded glass, inspired by your ideas or photos you send me. Then, when we’ve agreed a design and the colours that should go into the glass, I make it here in our workshop in Greater Manchester.

Authentic Leaded lights

Our glass is NOT traditional stained glass!

I chose to make our leaded lights they way I do for a number of reasons.

  • Our customers want their home to be warm. Traditional stained glass (usually 3mm) lets heat through them. Our leaded glass is double glazed.
  • Traditional stained glass is not safety glass. We use toughened glass as standard in our leaded lights.
  • Encapsulating traditional stained glass means the double glazed unit is 22mm thick. This won’t fit in a standard front door. Our double glazed units are 14mm thick, the perfect size.
  • When you encapsulate stained glass the leaded part is inside the unit, you can’t feel it and the light doesn’t reflect the texture. Our lead-work, soldered and aged, is on the outside piece of glass so it looks authentic.

Making your leaded glass

After taking a booking, I’ll advise you how to take measurements for your glass. With these measurements, your ideas, or just a photograph of something you like, I’ll make a sketch.

When we’ve discussed the design and got it to your liking I’ll make a full size drawing on Photoshop and send it too you. You’ll choose some colours for the glass, write it on the drawing and send me a picture.

I’ll make the glass up, double glaze it and send it to you to have fitted.

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