Front Door Colour

We have quite a wide range of colours now that we know work on certain doors. For front doors the best paint to use is Dulux Weathershield, it’s flexible, very durable and this is what we use on all of our doors.

Choose a colour for your front door

When choosing your colour I’ll show you blocks of wood painted in the colours that we’ve used already so you can see what they look like in situ.

You can of course choose your own colour but we won’t just accept a swatch or a code, we’ll work with you to make sure the finished colour is just right for you.

Sunlight affects a front door

If your door is exposed to sunlight and the weather we will always recommend that it is a pale colour because the heat effects the wood. We have developed a number of paler colours like Air Force Blue and our well loved Overtly Olive, take a look at our Galleries for more examples.

We can also paint your door white inside to match other woodwork – but then again your door won’t just be ‘other woodwork’!

"With the brush we merely tint, while the imagination alone produces colour." - Theodore Gericault