Cracks in paint around door panels on external front doors will appear over time, it’s normal. This is how to solve that problem.

(We set the panels in flexible waterproof caulk instead of glue so they can move a little with changes in temperature. Ye Olde Victorian folk didn’t even have (or use) such lovely products.)

You visit your customer anyway and make things good.

If you have a wooden door this will happen to your door eventually. You’re door lived in the forest at some point and you moved it to the city without its consent, it’s getting its own back!

If you want to give it a go yourself, here’s how to do it (it’s quite simple).

Sanding cracks around door panels

Take a small piece of sandpaper and fold it so you have a nice sharp but rough edge. Use the edge to sand the cracked paint from in the groove.

Once you’re happy with the finished surface brush it down.

Cleaning out cracks around door panels

Clean the whole panel with paper towel that has been dampened with white spirit, you don’t want it wet. This will take dirt and residue from the painted surface, clean and ready for a coat of gloss – if there is exposed wood or it’s years since it was painted you really need to mask up along an edge in the wood and undercoat before glossing.

Painting cracks around door panels

Lightly gloss inside the panel working paint into any ‘cracks’. Wipe any smudges with the dampened paper towel.

Leave to dry and voila.

If it’s an old door that needs completely restoring please get in touch, we can do all of this.


Bigger cracks

Maybe the cracks are too big to fill with paint. If this is so then just fill them with rainproof caulk from a caulk gun (cut a very fine tip), scrape excess off with your fingernail (wiping on a wet wipe) and clean with a piece of cotton material dampened with water.

Leave a couple of days to set and then start this process, the caulk will be best undercoated before glossing, mask at an edge of the wood.

Bigger smudges

If you’ve never been good at staying inside the lines when ‘colouring in’ just mask off around the panels with good quality masking tape (this is where the term ‘good quality’ actually matters. Cheap masking tape sticks too much and sometimes peels paint off!).

Good luck.


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