We have the perfect solution for that odd shaped or undersized door that you just can’t get a door for to match the internal oak doors you want in the rest of the house.

Usually this odd door is left as it is with an old white flush door, you’re hoping nobody will notice it, you’ll paint it the same colour as the skirting thinking it might disappear. You don’t have to do this anymore.

image – cupboard door

Even this undersized downstairs toilet door with the corner cut off it matches our 30’s Classic oak internal doors. If we had cut the corner off a 30’s Classic the door would eventually fall apart! Our oak foil flush can be chopped and cut down however we want to do it, add a new edging and a bit of varnish and all is perfect.

The door is solid as well, not hollow, so the handles and hinges are fitted really well.

Job sorted.

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