Fanlights Above Front Doors

Need a fanlight above your front door?

You’ve chosen your front door, colour, furniture. Now to make the fanlight look the part! You probably know that I make the leaded glass myself, bespoke, and I can match up your Victorian fanlight numbers.

There are 1001 fonts to choose from. GET CREATIVE! Just open Word, search for Adobe Fonts or Font Awesome and your bound to find something you love – or I can create something unique.

I can also do a hand painted fanlight number, etched, sand blasted or how about gold leaf? The possibility is endless.

Stained Glass Fanlight

A fanlight inspired by door glass

Here’s a fanlight I designed above a front door where 21 of the 24 front doors on the cul-de-sac in Didsbury had the original traditional stained glass.

The glass in Sam’s front door was no longer intact so I made that using a rubbing from next door but there were no original fanlights.

Inspired by the front door glass, I designed what I thought may have been in place 110 years ago.

Leaded Fanlight with Dakeyne family coat of arms

Family Crest in the fanlight

Dale’s house in Derbyshire has a long history of the Dakeyne family.

After booking in her Georgian front door to be restored she started researching the history of the house and found that it had belonged to a wealthy mill owner, who actually lived in the smaller house as the family fortune dwindled!

We found the Dakeyne family crest and created this fanlight to acknowledge their place in the area. The glass in the door was inspired by what had been there originally.

Hand-painted number on fanlight above front door

Hand-painted number in fanlight

I had taken a rubbing from a neighbour’s front door and replicated that glass in Gill’s front door. She didn’t want the fanlight looking out of place in the street so opted for a simple number above her front door.

Using the same font as our logo, it’s really rather nice, I hand-painted the number 16 in gold paint.

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