Front Door Draught Excluder

We’re fitting front door draught excluder as part of our mission this Winter to help keep Manchester warm.

When we fit a new door or restore one, we make a bespoke hardwood painted wooden draught proofing bead in the workshop with a groove to take a Stormguard Aquamac-21. This is the best draught excluder out there and we fit these as standard.

Bespoke draught bead

Our draught proofing bead touches up to your front door when closed and pinned in place so it doesn’t matter if your front door is twisted or misaligned. When fitted the bead looks like it’s been there since Victorian times or the 1930s.

Not only will our draught bead keep the wind from getting in but your door will feel nicer as it shuts, the door will no longer bang and inside will be quieter than before because it reduces noise.

Under-door thresher

We also fit a Stormguard thresher draught excluder on the floor under the door. We plane a little off the bottom of your door, fit the thresher and this stops draughts, water and crawlies from coming under your front door.

Front door draught excluders Manchester
Front door draught excluder
Stormguard theshold seal
Stormguard threshold seal

"Shut the door - not that it lets in the cold but that it lets out the coziness." - Mark Twain

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front door Draught excluder


If you live in Greater Manchester we can completely draught proof your front door.

Price includes:

  • White or black draught bead (other colour option)
  • Stormguard threshold installed
  • Door trimmed to accommodate the threshold


We will completely draught proof your existing wooden door.

Price includes fitting in Greater Manchester only, please send a photo of your doorway and a photo of the corner of the door and frame when open slightly.

If you would like your draught excluder bead to be painted in a specific colour, i.e. your frame is that colour, we simply add the price of the paint (unless you already have some we can use).

Draught proof your door yourself

You can always buy your own roll of foam and do it yourself. Search Amazon for draught excluder, you’ll see that it will cost you only a few quid and you just need to stick it on. Foam will close a uniform gap, take a look at the gap and buy something a little bigger than he gap.

The problem is, the gap is usually not uniform so the foam fits in some places and is either too tight in others or leaves a gap. The way we do it means there are no more gaps anywhere.

But now, you can do it yourself with OUR draught beads and threshold.