Front Door Furniture Restoration

We can restore the furniture on your front door

Most front doors that we restore have a piece of furniture that is original or is crying out to be restored.

When we restore your front door, I will offer to restore anything that you like. Sometimes, EVERYTHING can be used again and when it can, the results can be amazing.

We’ll polish up old brass letter plates, knockers, door bell pushes, escutcheons. We’ll even make new patress for a bell push or house number.

Old Victorian and Georgian rim locks are a long standing favourite of mine. When I suggest to a customer that we can restore an antique rim lock, polish up the brass components and get new old style keys made for it, they are shocked.

We can even powder coat a cast iron knocker or letter plate, when they’re done they are simply gorgeous.

When I come to see you, make sure you let me know what you would like restoring. You’ll love the result.

Before & After

Georgian Front Door Restoration c1782
Georgian Front Door Restoration Derbyshire

Let’s have a look at the door furniture that was on a Georgian front door in Derbyshire (the customer originally asked me to make her a new door!).

We have Baldwin hinges, the old rim lock, door knobs and a rather ‘dull’ looking chain.

After stripping the paint from the 233 year old rim lock, we took it apart and polished the brass bolts, got a key made for it and painted the body. I was surprised to see that there was a lovely brass escutcheon covering the keyhole, which polished up beautifully.

I searched far and wide for black, slotted three inch japanned screws that would keep the lock in place but also look the part.

Even the bolt lock was solid brass.

The internal knob was dented but I found a way to get something inside and knock the dent out.

I stripped a little paint from the chain felt like Indiana Jones discovering gold. It was all solid brass. After hours or stripping and polishing the result is outstanding.

Brasso 175ml

We do use a secret formula that we’ve cooked up to remove the worst or the hundreds of years of tarnish but finishing, we always use Brasso to get the shine and protect our restored door furniture.

Restored front door furniture Gallery