Only The Best
For Your Front Door

As your front door sees the worst of the weather, you need to fit the best door furniture there is. You want it to look great of course, but more importantly it has to stand the test of time.

We’ve been fitting front door furniture on our restorations and new doors for years now, we choose specific manufacturers, and everything is solid brass, whether it’s plated, simply lacquered or unlacquered.

Below is a selection of letter plates, knobs and other pieces of furniture that we have fitted over the years. You’ll see them in our photos, now buy your own, exactly the same.

Note: Clicking on any of these links and making a purchase will earn me a few pennies from the sellers as they are affiliate links (you don’t pay any more of course). Well, I have spent 17 years testing this stuff!


Victorian front door knob
Spira Octagonal Centre Door Knob
Calisle Brass Mushroom Centre Pull - M43C
Croft 6344 front door knob
Croft Centre Knob - 6344
Carlisle Classical Door Knob - M51
Carlisle Delamain Reeded Knob - DK37C
From The Anvil Octagonal Knob - 83778
Frelan Octagonal Door Knob - JV33PB
Carlisle Delamain Plain Knob - DK35C
Carlisle Octagonal Front Door Knob - M219
Carlisle Octagonal Knob - M219
Croft Lion's Head Front Door Knob - 1734
Croft Lion's Head Knob - 1734
From The Anvil Art Deco Knob - 46553
From The Anvil Art Deco Knob - 46553


Brass Doctor's Knocker, Victorian Restoration Brighouse
Carlisle Doctor Knocker - M45
Carlisle brass knocker M46
Carlisle Knocker on a Backlate - M46
Brass front door furniture
Carlisle Knocker on Rose - M43
Carlisle Urn door Knocker
Carlisle Urn Knocker - M38
Lions Head Door Knocker
From The Anvil lion knocker - 33020
Brass Bee and Honeycomb Knocker
Bee & Honeycomb Knocker
Carlisle Ring Knocker - M37
Carlisle Ring Knocker - M37
Brass Squirrel Knocker
Brass Squirrel Knocker
Brass Heart Knocker in Leeds
Jim Lawrence Heart Knocker - 5751AB
Brass Bumble Bee Front Door Knocker
Bumble Bee Knocker
Croft lion's head knocker - 1768
Croft lion head knocker - 1768

Letter Plates

Victorian Letters Embossed Letter Plate (weighted)
Georgian embossed letter plate - D226
Victorian Letter Plate M36
Carlisle PVD Letter Plate M36PVD
Letters Embossed Letter Plate - V845
Heritage embossed letter plate - V845
Period Classic Letter Plate
Traditional letter plate - D1180
M78 Letter Plate with Clapper
Carlisle M78 letter plate
Brass Art Deco Letter Plate - From The Anvil 83545
From The Anvil Art Deco Letter Plate 83545


Victorian Night Latch Pull
Carlisle Victorian latch pull - M40
Carlisle architectural latch pull - AQ40
Carlisle architectural latch pull - AQ40

Fit The Best locks
on Your Front Door

Did you know that your front door needs to have a Kitemarked lock active for your home insurance to cover a break-in?

We fit an Era Fortress Kitemarked deadlock as standard, which you can find below.

We also fit a Yale Traditional 77 night latch which looks beautiful on a Victorian or 1930s front door, also below, but if you want a Kitemarked night latch we believe the Era is a better option.

Of course, we think that the best locks you can fit to your front door are Banham. The L2000 and the M2002 pair perfectly and you can buy them so they both use the same key.

Have a look at all the locks that we use on a regular basis. We have used others in the past but even a couple of problems made us find the best.

Keys cut for locks that don't work

Night Latches

Banham Locks
Banham Night Latch - L2000
Yale 77 Traditional Night Latch Locks
Yale Traditional Night Latch - 77
Black Yale night latch lock 99z
Black Yale night latch lock 99z
Era Nightlatch
Era Kitemarked Night Latch

Mortice Locks

Banham Locks
Banham Dead Lock - M2002
Union Deadlock 2100S
Era Fortress Deadlock
Era Fortress Sashlock
Era Fortress Sashlock