Front Door Furniture

Once you have chosen the door you’ve been dreaming of you need to make it special.

Choosing the door furniture can really make your door stand out from the crowd or even simply make it look like it belong.

The photos here are all our own, brass-wear that we have fitted to customer’s doors through the years. I have made and restored nearly 200 front doors now and every one of them unlike any other.

What will make your door one of a kind?


Use this page for inspiration then go to the link below for The Door Handle Company and shop for the door furniture that will make your door one of a kind. When you buy from them through this link I will get some pennies, this doesn’t affect the price but I just think you should know.

Lions Head Door Knocker

"The doors will be open to those who are bold enough to knock."

Door Knockers

Letter Plates

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