Front Doors In Manchester

We restore and fit new Georgian and Victorian front doors in Manchester and surrounding cities. With nearly 300 examples I hope you trust that we have the experience and passion to fix whatever problems you have with your existing door.

Take a look at our doors. We only actually do about 25 front doors a year at the moment as we spend so much time on each one.


Front Door Restorations

Here are Georgian, Victorian and 1930s front doors that we have restored. Each one is stripped back to the wood so we can get the best paint job on them we can. Unless there is a piece of door furniture that you really want to keep we’ll fit the best quality hardware we can.

If you do want to keep a door knob, letter plate or a bell push we will strip it of all impurities and if it’s brass we’ll polish it up and treat it, if it’s cast iron we can powder coat it in black. Can you see in the photos what the old furniture is and what’s new? It’s harder than you might think!

Grand Victorian Front Doors

I designed the Grand Victorian front door some years ago to look like it has been on your house for 120 years. The spacing between the edge of the door and the mouldings, the shape of the mouldings, the flat panels, the diamond panel, then there’s the glass!

In fact, each door that we do is specifically designed for you and the opening at the front of your house. Some doors are stout, some are tall, but each time the dimensions have to be right for it to look great. I’m sure you’ve seen some of the photos, now look a bit close and pick out the details.