Glass & Glazing

We fit a huge range of unique glass to our front doors

You’ve probably gathered by now that I make completely bespoke leaded glass in our workshop but we have also fitted etched glass, traditional stained glass and patterned or textured glass to many doors over the years.

All we need is ideas and we can glaze your front door exactly how you would like it.

Premium Bespoke front door and leaded glass

Bespoke front door & leaded glass

Maryam’s front door in Grassendale, Liverpool was made with a variation of one of my favourite designs of leaded glass.

There’s a fanlight to match, above the front door.

We made two new sliding sash windows, at the back of this picture, to fit in the existing frame and restored the internal vestibule door.

All 11 leaded lights in total were made after Maryam was inspired by a door I made in Chorlton.

Glass we can make for your door

  • Etched glazing
  • Patterned glass
  • Textured glass
  • Canterbury or Shrewsbury glass
  • Any Pilkington glass
  • Hand painted fan lights
  • Traditional leaded lights

How about your family crest leading on your fan light, the Manchester Bee or football team badge? – Don’t be afraid to ask the impossible!

Below, you’ll find some examples of glass we’ve done and a comprehensive display of all Pilkington decorative and patterned glass available.

Sunflower Leaded Glass for Victorian front doors

“When I park on the driveway and see the light streaming through the leaded glass in the door -I know I’m home.”

Leaded Glass

I make our leaded glass myself so I’m in complete control of the finished product. This means I can use your ideas to produce something that is as unique as you are and something that looks very authentic with the lead on the outside of the double glazed unit. If you would like to see how our leaded glass differs from traditional stained glass take a look here.

Fanlight numbers

As well as creating numbered fanlights using our leaded glass method we can etch numbers onto clear glass. The clear number and border on etched glass is very popular, as is an etched number and border on clear glass. And, we can use any font that you can find on Microsoft Word or by searching on the internet, we will just download the font. We can even make a fanlight for you with a hand painted number, like the number 31 below.

Examples of Patterned glass

All of the Pilkington patterned glass (below) is available to have as toughened double glazed units. This can be used in doors, sidelights and fanlights. You’ll recognise some of them as they have been around for decades but there are some newer ones that glazing companies may not stock as standard.

etched glass

How about something very special? Knowsley and Pilkington ‘etched’ glass is not stocked as standard by glazing companies so you may never see any of them! However, we aim to please so we can glaze your door and surround with any of it.