Our ‘Sunshine’ Yellow finds it’s second front door so far in Liz’s Grand Victorian.

image – liz door

Some have considered it, some have said they would love it but…

image – yellow knocker

You have to be bold to go for a bright colour in the first place. Liz chose the colour a few weeks ago and here it is. The polished brass door furniture is set off brilliantly by the yellow and the etched double glazing with numbered fanlight – it’s Victorian styling with a contemporary twist.

image – knob

It all started with a phone call, Graphic Designer Liz knew what she wanted from the offset. All there was to finalise when I visited to measure up was the furniture. The simplicity of the mushroom and plain Victorian standard letter plate allows the Doctor’s knocker to stand proud.

What happens between ordering and gorgeousness?

When all the details are sorted out and we know what we want we’ll will bring the door to be fitted into the frame (unless we’re am replacing the frame as well of course).

image – liz sizing

After being sized up we will refit your old door and take the new one away to have the furniture fitted and paint it.

We’ll paint the door, glaze it and fit the furniture before we return with the finished door.

A day fitting the new door, sill, draft strip and fanlight and we’re finished.

The contemporary Etched glazing gives the whole thing an up-to-date feel and the Amelia font number 10 in the fanlight really ties that all together.

After 4-5 weeks (for the engineered door fitted into the existed Victorian frame) we have our gorgeous ‘Sunshine’ Yellow Grand Victorian Etched with polished brass furniture and a truely happy customer (see below).

link – image – finished door

Read Liz’s article on the Hello Walls website

If you would like to talk about what colour you want your door just get in touch through the contact page.

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