I try really hard to get it all right. It’s not just something one person or course has taught me. Maybe it started with my parents teaching me the difference between right and wrong, and more importantly, the effect your actions have on other people.

When you have integrity in what you are doing it shows in your work. That’s simply the way and as a result I believe you end up with lovely customers. I do.

Sometimes you get an email from one of them and what they say makes all the effort worth while.

image – white maggie

“Thanks again for designing and fitting our beautiful door. At some point on most days I consciously enjoy either opening or closing it and feeling the satisfying, weighty and sturdy feel of it on its hinges.

In the evening our hallway lights beam through the glazed panels and in the morning they allow light to flood the hallway.

Perhaps more exciting than the door itself was the experience of meeting someone so passionate about what they do. A real enthusiast, artist and perfectionist!”

Thanks Maggie.

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