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1930's Replica Front Door Didsbury

A free front door

Jessica was offered an original 1930’s door by a builder (working on a modern wraparound extension) round the corner to her 1930’s house in Didsbury.

Jessica's 1930s front door for restoration

‘Great’ she thought, ‘this would be the exact style of door that was in our house when it was built.’

She called me and asked me to make her a frame for it and replace the scruffy composite door that was fitted just a few years ago (before her and Andrew moved in).

When the frame was made we realised that the door was twisted. A shame as we’d already spent a day restoring the door.

Decorative front door shelf

The replica front door

We made a replica and used the shelf from the front of the original so it might adopt some of it’s charming character.

Front door in a frame

1930s stained glass

I spent about a day in total just getting the design of the glazing right and to Jessica & Andrew’s taste.

Jessica's 1930s stained glass

Of course I used the original door glass (traditional stained glass) to design something for the door then pinched some aspect for the sidelights, matching the colours with film that is used in the process of making up the toughened double glazed units.

Jessica's completed 'restoration'/replica

Eventually, it’s ready. It’s been a long process but I’m thrilled with the final outcome. 5 minutes after I left today Jessica was expecting a dozen toddlers and their parents for a hallowe’en party. Maybe I should have left some cards in the hallway!

1930s front door in Didsbury 17 M20 6QD

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1930's Replica Front Door Didsbury