Front Door Security

This is an important subject so we only fit the best and most reliable of what’s available, we fit Yale as standard because it’s been a trusted brand for so many years and of course it’s great stuff.

We fit a Yale 5 lever (maximum security) Kite marked dead lock and a Yale ‘Traditional’ night latch (to suit the door’s styling).

Also as standard hardware, we fit a new sill, rain deflector and grade 11 fire door hinges!

There are a number of options to discuss if necessary, such as our Maximum Security Package.

How about a set of Banham locks so you only need one key for both locks and nobody but you can get it cut.

Or we can fit a U-tec Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro so your phone or fingerprint unlocks your door and you don’t even need a key!

What we do is far from standard.

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