Front Door Security

Locks you can trust

This is an important subject which we take very seriously. So, we only fit the best and most reliable of what’s available.

Yale night latch

We fit a Yale 77 Traditional night latch as standard because it’s been a trusted brand for so many years and of course it’s great stuff.

Dead lock

The Union 5 lever kite-marked dead lock is British Standard BS3621 stamped, you’re insurance will require this and you won’t be covered without one if someone breaks in by picking or drilling the lock.

5 levers means that it’s harder to pick and the British Standard 3621 stamp means that the armour plating covering the body of the lock is such that it will be difficult to drill through.


Also as standard hardware, we fit grade 11 fire door hinges! These hinges will carry much much more weight than your front door.


What we do is far from standard.

Maximum security

There are a number of options to discuss if necessary, such as our Maximum Security Package.

How about a set of Banham locks so you only need one key for both locks and nobody but you can get it cut.

Fit your own locks

If you would like to buy the exact locks that we use, after years of making sure we fit the best, take a look here.

Yale pull brass M40
Yale dead lock with keys that work