When a customer orders a front door with Bolton Joinery they can have the door whatever colour they want. We must be able to get the paint in a good brand such as Dulux, Farrow & Ball or The Little Green Paint Co. A couple of times too many in the past a customer has chosen a colour from a colour chart, not done they’re homework and when the door was fitted they weren’t 100% happy with the colour.

What does this mean? Well it means that they’re not 100% happy with their door. Actually, to us they’re not 100% happy with their Grand Victorian, Grand Georgian or so. This is not what we want so now we’ll guide a customer down a path to find a colour they really love.

Of course now we have a box of coloured hardwood blocks for you to choose from, colours we know work very well on our doors. But when you want a different colour we’ll help you with colour choice, paint up a sample block in the chosen colour, show it to you on your door step (where your door goes!) and until you’re happy we won’t paint your door.

This is where we went with Kate’s London Red Grand Victorian just before Christmas 2013. We painted up 3 sample blocks and over a few weeks, while the door was being made, we found the right red. This red is now part of our colour box, London Red. When I opened the first tin I knew it was right, it was like love at first sight (it might sound a bit sad but that’s how it was).

Our next challenge is to find the right yellow for Diane in Wilmslow. We don’t have a yellow in our box yet but I’m looking forward to filling that gap. What colour would you have?

image – claires red

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