Looks OK from here maybe?

image – worsley door old

There’s actually a half inch gap down the lock side of this door which is letting the wind invade the hallway and it goes right up the stairs. Talking about locks there’s 6 of them (of sorts), 4 of which i have removed this morning and filled the holes, ready to paint later. I’ve sized up the new Grand Victorian and it is as I speak being transformed into Lawrence’s new front door.

image – pvd letter plate

With polished solid brass furniture, actually PVD coated with a 25 year guarantee! this will be a Very Victorian front door. We’ll make a wood bead to fit to the frame which will hold the best draft seal that we have found so there will simply be no drafts.

The glazing will be ColourFilm leaded for a true period look, I’ll be doing the final design over the next week. Obviously, it will be double glazed with toughened Pilington K glass.

Remember, you are fully in control of how your front door turns out. This is why every door from The Grand Victorian Door Company is completely unique, as individual as you are. Contact us to find out more or book your door in.

More later.

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