Baldwin Hinge Restoration


Have your Baldwin hinges restored back to their original state.


Have your Baldwin (or other old cast iron) hinges restored back to how they SHOULD look. Not like this…

Painted Baldwin Hinges
Painted Baldwin Hinges


In our blog, The Baldwin Hinge, we talk about how the Baldwin hinge came to be, and how to restore them yourself. We’ve been doing it for years and when we restore a front door we also restore the hinges. We know how to do it properly and make them look like they should.

Why do it yourself when we can do it for you?

Send us your hinges and we’ll strip all of the paint from them, treat and blacken them (they can be a bit silvery when stripped). We’ll even do the screws if you have them.

The fee includes return postage by recorded delivery and is per hinge. Please note that we do not supply the hinge, they’re too valuable to us.