Complete Draught Proofing


    We will completely draught-proof your front door for you. We’ll fit a custom made draught bead around the door and a thresher underneath.



    When we restore or fit a new door to an existing door frame, we have to draught-proof it. We do this using a draught bead that we make up ourselves in the workshop.

    Front door draught excluders Manchester

    Front door draught excluder

    This bead is in keeping with Victorian and 1930s frames and has a groove cut into it to take a rubberised AQ21 draught seal.

    Aquamac AQ21 door draught excluder
    Aquamac AQ21 door draught excluder


    We paint our beads to match the door frame. The draught seal comes in white, black and brown. We will match this with your painted bead.

    Stormguard theshold seal
    Stormguard threshold seal


    On the floor, under the door when it’s closed, we fit a Stormguard thresher. This draught-proofs under the door and stops water and bugs from getting in.

    If you’re in Greater Manchester, we will fit all of the above around your front door and this will completely draught-proof it.

    Painting the beading in any colour but Pure Brilliant White or Black Gloss is an additional £50 (to buy and collect the paint).

    Please contact us if you live outside Greater Manchester.