Complete Front Door Draught Proofing Kit


Our front door draught proofing kit is hand-made with an AQ21 seal fitted to completely draught proof your front door – painted and ready to cut and install.


After fitting it myself for nearly 15 years, I have no doubt that our Draught Proofing Kit is the best draught excluder for front doors. It come in two sizes (for different depths of frames) and there’s a variety of rubber seal colours as well.

Stop those winter winds, moisture and crawlies getting in this winter with our complete front door Draught Proofing Kit. It’ll also reduce the noise from the road as well.

When we restore a front door or fit a new door to an existing frame, we have to draught-proof it. We do this using a draught bead that we make up ourselves in the workshop.

Front door draught excluders Manchester
Front door draught excluder


This bead is in keeping with Victorian and 1930s frames and has a groove cut into it to take a rubberised AQ21 draught seal.

Aquamac AQ21 door draught excluder
Aquamac AQ21 door draught excluder


We paint our beads to match the door frame, usually white or black but if you want them painted in a colour that you have your frame just select this in the options. The draught seal comes in white, black and brown. We will match this with your painted bead.

Stormguard theshold seal
Stormguard threshold seal


On the floor, under the front door when it’s closed, we fit a Stormguard thresher. This draught-proofs under the door and stops water and bugs from getting in.

“Just wanted to say thanks – it’s a great product, works brilliantly and looks like it’s meant to be there. The fitting instructions are spot on.”


We will send you a four-piece draught-proofing kit which includes left, right and top draught beading as well as the threshold.

The maximum length of the our draught excluder bead is 2350mm, the maximum length of the threshold is 915mm. Please contact us if you need a longer size.

Draught Bead Depth
Draught Bead Depth


We make two depths of bead as shown above for different depth frames, 20mm and 34mm (plus 3mm for the seal), choose which one you want in the options.

Any joiner should be able to fit these. The beads simply touch up to the closed door and are pinned onto your frame, the threshold is screwed down and sealed underneath with a line of silicone. Full instructions are included.

You’re just a few clicks from making your home warmer this winter.

FULL FITTING INSTRUCTIONS – A link to these will be in the email with your receipt.


BUYING MORE THAN ONE KIT? – If you would like to order more than one kit please contact us.

Additional information

Weight3.6 kg
Dimensions250 × 9 × 9 cm