Complete Draught Proofing in Greater Manchester


We will completely draught-proof your front door for you. We’ll fit a custom made draught bead around the door and a threshold underneath.

We usually only offer this service in the winter months but if you would like it doing sooner please let us know by filling in the form below.

Before you read on: Please do not purchase this product if we haven’t discussed this on the phone. There are a few things we need to check first. MAKE AN ENQUIRY HERE. I’ll ask you for a couple of photographs to be sure that our kit will work with your door and ask a couple of questions. 


When we started restoring front doors some years ago, we tried every type of draught proofing out there and very quickly realised that none of it did the job properly. We then designed our own, started making it and have fit it to hundreds of front doors. I believe our draught proofing system is the best in the UK.

If you live in Greater Manchester we can completely draught-proof your front door in a few hours.

Front door draught excluders Manchester


Why our Draught Proofing Kit is better than anything you can buy in the shops?

We designed our draught proofing bead some years ago to look like it was part of a front door frame on a period home.

Our bead is made from wood and has a tough rubber seal fitted which will not only stop draughts but will last for many years.

Aquamac AQ21 door draught excluder

What about that gap under the front door?

We fit a threshold on the floor under the door which stops draughts, rain and crawlies from getting in.

Stormguard theshold seal

What colour is the bead?

We paint our beads to match the door frame, usually white or black but if you want them painted in a colour that you have your frame, such as Farrow & Ball colour, just select this in the options (we will need to know the colour of course!).

The draught seal comes in white, black and brown – you can select which colour you would like in the options.

Draught Bead Depth



NOTE: If you would like to fit it yourself, get our Draught Proofing Kit.