Hardwood Threshold Draught Seal


Our hardwood threshold draught seal touches up to your front door and is pinned or screwed to the step. Ideal for doors with little gap underneath.


When there’s no room under your door for a Stormguard threshold to stop the draughts, our hardwood threshold seal is ideal.

Pin or screw it to the step after laying it down and touching it up to the bottom of the door.

  • Made from hardwood (to reduce the chance of it rotting)
  • Comes in 1200 mm (plenty big enough for a single door) or 2000 mm for double doors
  • Available in gloss black or unpainted
  • 18 x 40 mm with a slope to run the rain off.
  • Complete with AQ21 rubber seal (what we use on all of our doors)


Hardwood Threshold Draught Seal
Hardwood Threshold Draught Seal – Unpainted



If you choose the unpainted version, please fully paint it before fitting. Make sure any ends that are cut are painted before fitting.

Mark the step where the threshold will sit and prepare it accordingly to adhere it down. It is recommended that you run a line of silicone along the edge to prevent water from getting underneath. When you get ‘squeeze out’, spray with soapy water (which will stop it sticking to anything else) and scrape off excess.

If there is a rain deflector on your door, please be sure there is enough space between it and the step for this threshold, which is 18 mm thick. Ideally you want at least 22 mm.

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