This week we finished Jack’s Victorian front door restoration in Stockport on which he asked me to fit a U-tec Ultraloq U-bolt Pro with fingerprint recognition and phone access.

This electronic smart lock comes from California in the USA. They make a small range of modern locks which are controlled an app on your phone or biometrics (fingerprint recognition).

U-tec Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

Fitting The Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

You simply cut a hole in the leg of your door a bit bigger than you would for a standard Yale night latch. I use a drill bit to cut out for a normal night latch. For this I decided I would be sure of getting a neater hole by making a jig for a router. It worked a treat.

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Cutting Template

The latch that comes with the U-Bolt Pro (you don’t get one with the August lock) is actually quite standard and very good quality. This fits as a normal latch in an internal door with a recess the same as the latch I’ve fitted hundreds of for years so my Trend jig did the job nicely.

Utec Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro inside front door

The outer black keypad is fitted in the same way as a Yale night latch with a back plate and two bolts. The cable needs to be threaded through the hole to connect to the internal box. Once connected, you screw the battery housing to the back plate on the door and put the batteries in. After downloading the app on your phone you can open and lock the latch. Really very nice.

Of course, the website says ‘DIY installation’ but seriously, if you’re not just replacing the latch like for like (that is, you’re cutting out for the keep/receiver) you should really get someone else to do this.

Lining up this receiver, a keep for a latch with a knob and a British Standard Kitemarked dead lock (for when Jack goes away) together with new draft excluder took some time and experience.

Ultralock U-Bolt Pro + Victorian Front Door

Judge for yourself but for me I love how the black keypad of the U-Bolt Pro goes well with the chrome furnishings on Jack’s front door. The silver of the housing, internal and external is cast and has a satin finish so will match up with chrome or satin chrome furniture. If you were having brass hardware you would just have to be happy with the mismatch.

Utec Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro on Victorian front door

U-Bolt Pro Conclusion

Would I have one? Yes, absolutely.

Our kids are always losing their keys or leaving them in the house. The two younger boys don’t have a set of keys so granting them fingerprint access would be perfect, as it would for my Mum or setting up on your app to give access to your sister (using her phone) who was going to get to your house early.

Victorian door restoration in Stockport

Would I recommend one for your Victorian front door? Yes, as long as you’re having silver door furniture.

Will I be getting one for my front door? Probably but I might ask U-tec for one to ‘test’.

Please let me know what you think below. Would you take the leap?

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