Victorian Front Door (c1890) Restoration – Altrincham 2015

This one’s been through the wars… literally!

image – lorraine’s old door

We picked this Victorian front door (circa. 1890) up from Lorraine’s home in Altrincham for a full restoration. This includes:

Size it properly to the frame

Removal of old door furniture

Strip the paint.

Sand and fill the injuries it’s sustained over the last 125 years!

Fit gorgeous new chrome door furniture (and take it back off)


Fit the furniture again

Fit the door

We’ve fitted a temporary door in it’s place of course and we will also be replacing the fanlight with an ‘Etched’ numbered double glazed fanlight. The frame is sound but it’s getting a paint job too as is all of the other woodwork outside.

image – edge

We’re stripping the paint this week using heat so that we can have the door in place before the customer goes away in late February, it’s quite a colourful affair as the door has been yellow as well as it’s original red!

Saying that this door has been stripped before as you can see by the non-Bolton-Joinery burn marks in the last of the three photos below.

These 3 photos are at different stages during the stripping stage, then the sanded door ready to fill and paint.

images – 3 stages of stripping

And after a lot of hard work we have a result, Lorraine and her son Simon are delighted with their newly restored front door. I’ve said it already on the Facebook page but I’m in love with this door, I’m so glad I take photos away with me!

Lorraine’s Victorian Restoration project – Altrincham 2015Lorraine’s Victorian Restoration project – Altrincham 2015

image – completed door

We fitted a very standard Victorian styled chrome plated letter plate so the door furniture is not too busy, the door is what you really want to look at. Our reeded knob and escutcheon look gorgeous in chrome on this pale blue.

image – knob

Again, quite unobtrusive knocker leaves you admiring the beauty of this 125 year old pitch pine Victorian front door.

image – knocker

Most of our hardware is from the work of the Carlisle Design Group, it’s the best I have found that’s easily available.

There’s 5 coats of paint now been put onto this pretty door but it’s not really about how many you put on, it’s how it’s put on and all of the holes that are created from cutting out for the hardware are all painted in as well as the top and bottom of the door (the bottom of this door had not been painted at all in 125 years letting moisture in and allowing it too swell).

Thank you Lorraine for allowing us to work on such a beautiful project.

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