We specialise in creating one-off, unique Victorian front doors. I started making hardwood doors 27 years ago and I designed the Victorian having restored hundreds of front doors from a wide range of historic periods.

All of our doors are hand-crafted in England using traditional techniques with a mortice and tenoned construction. Our painting process has been developed over the last 17 years, so is second to none, and we only fit the best door furniture there is.

"It's not just a door, behind it, there's love, friendship and a happy ever after!" - Michael, Lostock

New Victorian front door with leaded glazing in Chorlton - 39-M219HG

Deb, her girls and their new Grand Victorian front door in Chorlton

Making Victorian front doors

Machined by hand, by bench joiners with decades of experience, our doors are second to none. Our ultimate aim is to produce the best door you could find, anywhere in the world.

Built to last

Your new Victorian front door will outlive you, probably your children too. We make our doors to the same standards that we we’re used to as children.

If you look after your door, there’s no reason why you won’t be thanking me quietly when you’re 90!

Very Personal Service

Of course, I have people working for me but I am very much involved in the whole process end to end. This is where other companies won’t come close with the service that they offer.

I will speak to you on the phone before you order, I’ll come to measure up after you order and sit with you for as long as you like to talk about what we do and what you want in your front door.

After designing your leaded glass, with your ideas, I will personally hand-make the glass in our workshop. If you want a paint colour that is not in our palette I will endevour to find the exact one you like.

I’ll size your door up and fit it when we’re done. I’m available whenever you want to discuss anything about your order.

"What can I say - its absolutely brilliant!" - Kate, Chorlton


Solid Victorian Front Door

Your Victorian front door will be the most solid and beautiful door you can buy, draught proofed and very secure.

Price includes:
  • Solid sepele door
  • Mortice & tenon construction
  • 6 stage painting process
  • Painted ANY colour you like!
  • Best quality door furniture
  • Door fitted
  • Door draught proofed 
  • Existing frame painted



inc VAT

Glazed Victorian Front Door

Your Victorian front door will be the most solid and beautiful door you can buy, draught proofed and very secure.

Price includes:
  • Everything as above plus…
  • Etched, textured or leaded double glazing

inc VAT

Premium Victorian Front Door

Including ALL of the above options but with the full Banham furniture and lock suite, this will be the best door you could possibly buy.

Price includes:
  • Everything as above plus…
  • Full set of Banham furniture and locks



inc VAT

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What we do that's so 'Grand'...

Banham L2000 rim lock in satin chrome


All our doors come with two locks as standard; a Yale night latch with a five-lever dead lock having the British Standard Kitemark to BS-3621.

Or you can go for the James Bond of locks, the Banham set, with drill proof night latch and deadlock, both with 6-pin anti-snap cylinders using one key.

Octagonal Door Knob

door furniture

We only use the best door furniture that we’ve found over the last twenty years. As standard, we fit Carlisle hardware with options for award winning Banham locks, Croft, which is hand-made in England or a full suite of Banham furniture.

Personalised Leaded Glass


All of our glazing is toughened, even the leaded glass. This is our standard.

For increased insulation, our front door glazing is argon gas filled and K-glass where possible.

Every joint on our leaded glass is soldered and the lead is acid aged to look authentically Victorian. And, I make the leaded glass myself using your ideas!

Front door draught excluders Manchester

Draught Proofing

When we fit your new Victorian front door, we also fit our hand-made draught excluder. This is made from wood and a Stormguard AQ21 draught excluder fitted to it. This touches up against the door and completely seals the gap that you’ve been battling with for years.

Under the door, to close the gap that the Victorians could not, we use a Stormguard Lowline sill. This prevents draughts, water and bugs from getting in.

Sanding a door


We use sepele hardwood for all of our front doors. It’s very hard and very water resistant so if you look after your door there’s no reason it shouldn’t last more than a hundred years.

Everything is mortice and tenoned to traditional methods so it’s as strong as it could ever be.

Painting cracks around door panels

Painting Victorian front doors

For a genuine Victorian look, we hand brush paint all of our front doors from the primer coat to the last coat of gloss. I looked into spraying our doors but I think it looks plastic and fake. The subtle brush strokes look authentic, like your door has always been there and that’s our number one goal.

The very best paint you can use on external wood is solvent based Dulux Weathershield. The colour is amazing of course but the paint is also slightly flexible, so with the small amount of contraction in the wood, it’s much less likely to crack.

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