Why Us

“After university and then studying lutherie (go on, google it) I started my proper working life as a carpenter/joiner in 1996 making hardwood windows and doors. This was the worst and best job I ever had! Minimum wage was yet to be created and I was exploited for my way with customers. They had me running the shop, the office and supervising a small team AS WELL as doing the full time job I was originally there for. I learned how to multi-task, satisfy customers, manage employees effectively. I hated it but secretly loved everything they threw at me.

Today I give my customers what none of the big companies can give – time.

There are places that will make you a door, usually to a pre-designed pattern but won’t spend the time to make it exactly how you would like it. There are painters who’ll paint a door, joiners who will fit you new furniture, but none of them will take it away to a workshop to be stripped, repainted and lovingly restored, 6 coat painting it in the exact colour we’ve spent time getting right, fit furniture that we’ve spent ages finding or polish up that beautiful door knob that’s been on your door for a hundred years.

Time is valuable and I’m more than happy to give it to you.

I digress…

When I moved back to Manchester I got an IT job but a nice man, Steve Parry, the man who transformed my life forever (honestly can’t imagine where I would have been without him) invited me to be part of a the ‘Customer Service’ team and we went on to win a National Business Award for ‘Best Customer Service Strategy’ in 2003, I even get a mention in the book!

Steve left the company and I went self-employed, got married to Teresa in 2005 and the day our first son Jack was born the year after I starting what is now The Grand Victorian Door Company.

My very small team and I focus on producing very high quality work restoring period front doors. At the end of the day it’s our customers who really tell the world how good we are – take a look at our Customer Testimonials Page.

I love doing a job that makes happy customers. It’s the future!”

Antique Lion Head Door Knocker
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