St George was actually born in Cappadocia, now Eastern Turkey to Christian parents in 270 AD. He moved to Palestine with his mother and later joined the Roman army rising to a high rank but later protested against the pagan leader Emperor Diocletian who led Rome’s persecution of Christians.

image – england flag

This is the bit Hollywood would love…

He was dragged though the streets, tortured and beheaded on 23rd April 303 AD. Get this, the Emperor’s wife was so inspired by George’s bravery, his loyalty to what he believed in, that she too became Christian and was subsequently executed!

The reason our King Edward III chose St George is obvious to us English. Our predecessors may have done some ‘bad shit’ in the past but the people of England (and I don’t just mean English) believe in freedom, compassion and bravery.

Today is the day to recognise and acknowledge this, take it on.

What will you fight for today? What dragon will you slay?

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