‘Yggdrasil’ leaded glazing in a Grand Victorian.

Originally, Tanya asked me to make leaded lights to reflect his beliefs and lifestyle. ‘Yggdrasil’, the tree of life is what connects the nine worlds in Norse mythology.

Designing Yggdrasil Glass

Yggdrasil Inspired

After talking to Tanya about Yggdrasil and doing a little homework I get some ideas together and make up a quick piece for inspiration. Tanya loves it so I get the drawing done and have a play around on Photoshop with a photo of the unfinished door in place when I planed it to fit the existing frame.

Yggdrasil Design

I’m doing the lead work on the glass now myself instead of the glazier doing it, I wanted to be more involved in the artwork and it gives me more opportunity to be creative.

Yggdrasil Glass

I use adhesive lead on toughened glass with the coloured film behind it, inside the double glazed unit and soldered on every joint. It really makes my glass look unique and authentic.

The truly beautiful part is seeing it all come together. Sometimes it takes me a while to drive off after completion but I’ve always got the photographs.

Victorian front door with Yggrasil leaded glass in Lancaster 12 LA11SE

Tanya’s door makes this stone cottage in Lancaster a home.

When you put so much into something it’s hard to leave it behind.

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