Grand Victorian Front Doors

We make new period front doors and restore old ones

We can make one of those Victorian front doors you’ve been dreaming of. Whether you would like a new Victorian style front door or you would like your old door restored, you and the family will be delighted at what we do!

If you have a draughty door, cracked glass you don’t like, flaky paint that looks scruffy or locks that keep you up worrying in the night, we have it all covered.

Front door restoration in Helsby - 128WA60QS


We restore front doors.

I like nothing better than taking a Victorian or Georgian door away and not only making it look gorgeous again, better than it ever did, but working exactly how a front door should.

We make your front door fit properly again, strip and repaint it with the finest Dulux paint, fit the best door furniture, hand made in the UK, draught proof it and repaint your door frame.

I can make replica leaded glass for you in keeping with the neighbourhood, your original glass or an even an image from Pinterest.

“It’s been the best thing we’ve done to our house so far.”

Maggie, Lostock
Bespoke Victorian front door


We are very passionate about what we do and love making new bespoke front doors.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional front door with leaded glass or a solid secure door with James Bond standard locks, we have it covered. If something with a modern twist takes your fancy we have great options.

We’ve put our hearts and souls into over 300 Victorian front doors now and every one of them beautiful in their own way.

Your door will be made using traditional mortice and tenon methods. It will be made of the finest hardwoods and have bespoke designed leaded glazing.

Your new front door will look like it’s supposed to be there, the door your home deserves.

Contemporary wooden front doors

New! – Contemporary Front Door-sets

We believe you won’t find a better contemporary front door-set! Not only are they made from wood in the traditional way but at 68mm thick you won’t get a stronger front door.

We’ve sold hundreds of these contemporary front door-sets to ‘the trade’ over the years and now they’re available either to buy and fit or we can fit it for you (North-West England only).

Front Door Draught Excluder


Our Draught Proofing Kit is by far the best on the market.

It completely draught proofs your front door and even works on warped doors that can’t be draught proofed with standard draught proofing.